In 2022, stand out, add unusual beers to your menu

May, 31 2022
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Elisabeth Pierre, famous French zythologist, recommends to have at least 5 types of beers on the card, mainly to match the dishes on your menu.

But beer, it’s also the pleasure of the aperitif and, there too, why limit yourself to one lager beer, one dark beer and one amber beer?

Stay competitive and be original by adding beers with unusual tastes. Attract the curious and broaden your horizon.

We have made for you a cool selection:

Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

A beer brewed with oysters from the Rappahannock River (Virginia, USA) with aromas of chocolate and roasted coffee.


Avocado Cheese Cake

Avocado beer is on the rise, you will find a large choice of this type of beer. We have selected here the one from the brewery La Débauche in France.

To the nose, aromas of pineapple and lime. To the taste, flavors of avocado, mint and lime.



A Belgian beer, brewed in East Flanders and bottled in France with a technique identical to that of champagne.

Between beer and sparkling wine, this one gives off floral and spicy aromas.

To the taste, flavors of avocado, mint and lime.


Crème brûlée Stout

Coming from the Netherlands, let yourself be carried away by its aroma between chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

As for the taste, you will feel notes of chocolate and... crème brulée.


The world of beer is vast, thousands of craft breweries are in activity around the world and their number is growing. The choice is there and manufacturers are competing with each other in imagination.


Surprise your customers by differentiating yourself from your competitors.




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