Is it possible to suffer losses in your bar without knowing it?

December, 1 2021
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Making a profit? Of course.

Suffering losses? Certainly not.

We've all seen it before... the overflow, the "free" drink, the less-than-honest team members. As an operator, this equates to missed sales and lost revenue on already thin margins. DRINKOTEC systems offer you solutions to stop this type of loss.

With over 45 years of experience in the field of beverage technology, we are able to raise various issues that can lead to losses in the operation of your bar, restaurant or nightclub. In this article, we will focus on facts that take place at the bar level and are generated by the staff of the establishments of the HORECA world.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of points that can weaken the sustainability of your business and lead to financial losses in your bar. It should be noted that other levers can be used to optimize your business as well as your online presence and the atmosphere/environment that you offer to your customers.


1. Overdosing

The most frequent fact during a service is the overdose: a waiter can voluntarily overdose according to his affinity with the customers but also involuntarily in the rush of the service or by 'inattention or even a lack of tools to dose. Of course, the customer generally appreciates that his glass is fuller than the dose for which he paid. But what is the impact on your establishment?

Let's look at two examples:

  • each 4 cl glass of vodka is filled to 5 cl  
  • the purchase price of the bottle of vodka is CHF 20.-

    ➡️ Losses:
    you lose 26 cents of purchase per drink, which may not seem like much. Apply this for a year on all drinks served with vodka, the annual loss can be more than CHF 5000.- (for an average of 400 glasses/week).


Install a Flexi-Touch to control the pouring and dosing of over 200 bottles of spirits. Our system identifies the alcohol and proposes the appropriate doses.

  • you serve30 cl glasses instead of 25 cl
  • the average cost of buying your beer is CHF 3.-/L

    ➡️ Losses:
    you lose 15 cents of purchase per glass, which may seem t. Apply that for a year on all the beers served, the annual loss can be more than CHF 3000.- (for an average of 400 glasses per week).

    Solution :
    A reliable and simple solution is the installation of traditional turrets dosed by the installation of a controlled free-flow.


2. Free of charge

Your establishment's policy may be to offer a drink to regulars as a thank you for their loyalty. However, it is also common for bartenders to give a "free" drink to their friends without justification. They may not realize the negative effect this can have & the loss it can cause.  

This free glass is free labor that you paid, the purchase of raw materials that will not be profitable.

Our Level Up, a counter connected directly to your casting systems, will allow you to know exactly what has been cast without changing the way your teams work.


3. Staff error

Let's say you serve a rum for CHF 12.00 and you also have a rum from the same factory of 1942 for CHF 25.00 on your menu. A customer orders the "low-end" rum but your new bartender pours your guests the 1942. You lose CHF 13 every time a customer orders this drink.


4. Employees with poor attention

Some employees are not lacking in inventiveness to make additional income on the account of the bosses they work for. The testimony of Sébastien Brunet, innkeeper of the Grand Pin inn in Peseux (Switzerland) broadcast by RTS on May 31, 2019 is the perfect example. He estimates that one of his employees would have stolen more than CHF 2,500 from him by not "tipping" about 20 coffees a day in six weeks.

Serving a table but not "tipping" the order to pocket the money directly in cash while going unnoticed is common in the business but unfortunately it is not the only trick used.

These 4 major points of loss, which we have been able to identify over the years in the field, have been solved for our customers who have chosen to install our Cascade+ control system.

Cascade+ is a set of bar machines that are connected to your cashier system in order to lock the pouring system. This set of products can be connected in different ways so as not to disrupt the way your servers work.

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