How the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry is Booming

March, 13 2023

The non-alcoholic beverage industry has been booming in recent years

The demand for non-alcoholic beverages is not just limited to those who do not drink for health or wellness reasons. Many consumers are choosing to incorporate no- and low-alcohol beverages into their lifestyles as a way to practice moderation. In fact, 78% of non-alcoholic beverage buyers also purchase alcoholic drinks, showing that the conversation around drinking has shifted from "why aren't you drinking?" to "what are you drinking?"

The non-alcoholic beverage (NA) industry has seen a lot of innovation in the past year alone, with NA sales totaling $331 million. New drinking habits have led to new solutions, and research suggests that beverages with minimal or no alcohol will cater to a broader demographic in 2023.

The NA industry is evolving, with producers seeking to offer a unique experience.

The booming non-alcoholic beverage industry reflect a shift in consumer preferences and a greater emphasis on health and wellness. The non-alcoholic beverage industry is evolving, with innovation and new solutions catering to a broader demographic in the coming years.


In the soft beverages industry, another trend has been gaining popularity:

the postmix

Postmix beverages refer to drinks that are mixed at the point of service rather than pre-bottled or canned. This method of serving beverages allows for greater flexibility and customization, making it appealing to both consumers and businesses.

One of the primary advantages of postmix beverages is the ability to offer a wider variety of flavors and options. With postmix, businesses can easily mix different ingredients and adjust the ratios to create unique and personalized drinks. This can be especially appealing to consumers who are looking for something different or unique, as they can tailor their drink to their specific tastes.

Postmix also offers several practical advantages for businesses. For example, it is more cost-effective and efficient than pre-bottled or canned beverages. Postmix systems require less storage space, reducing the need for inventory and reducing the risk of waste due to expired products. Additionally, postmix systems are easier to maintain and clean than traditional beverage dispensers.

In recent years, postmix beverages have become increasingly popular in the fast-food industry. Large chains have adopted postmix systems, allowing them to offer a wider variety of drinks and flavors to their customers. This trend has also extended to other industries such as convenience stores, sports venues, and even coffee shops.

The rise of postmix beverages and the booming non-alcoholic beverage industry reflect a shift in consumer preferences towards more personalized and flexible drink options. As the demand for unique and customizable beverages continues to grow, it is likely that postmix beverages will become even more popular in the coming years.


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More! by choosing postmix solution, other benefits are added:


  • 1 Bag-in-Box of 10 L = about 60 L of finished product
  • A simple BiB change VS the replenishment of hundreds of bottles.


  • 4 Bag-in-box of 10 L = about 800 plastic bottles of 50CL
  • Reduced delivery frequency


Besides, with a growing demand for personalized drinks, there is an opportunity to provide more customized solutions to consumers by adding botanicals or functional ingredients to tap water through countertop systems. Advanced machines that bridge the gap between healthy and delicious drinks could become a household fixture.


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