Staff shortages are not inevitable!

February, 1 2022
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Are you affected by the staffing shortage that has been plaguing the HoReCa sector for several months?


Throughout this past year, we have seen figures and information come and go on this subject. 20% resignations (in Belgium)(1), 230,000 job vacancies by the end of 2021 (in Switzerland) (2) are some of the figures that have been put forward.


The problem is not new of course, the lack of qualified personnel has always been a reality in this ultra competitive sector. But since the health crisis and the measures taken to contain it, certain concerns intrinsic to the profession have been somewhat exacerbated.


The salaries are pointed out, but also and especially, the apparent fragility and instability of the profession.


The result? Qualified personnel has somewhat deserted.


Employees no longer feel safe, many begin to "look the other way":

    • The seasonal workers stayed at home.
    • Many employees have taken advantage of short-time working or the closure of their workplace to retrain for jobs that are considered more "stable".
    • Faced with this situation, the CVs that the owners of the establishments receive are those of people with little or no qualifications.

Some school officials have also been forced to:

    • To reduce their staff in order to stay open and afloat.
    • Or even to reduce their offer (size of the menu, reduced opening hours).

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Let us introduce you to THE WALL - Self-Service (*) :


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La simplicitéOn the counter or in a built-in format, THE WALL adapts to your space.




  • THE WALL works in complete autonomy. The router and the SIM card provided ensure a constant connection.


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(*) available according to the law on the commercial police in force in the canton


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