The importance of UX/UI Design

May, 11 2022

" thinking is actually a systematic approach to problem solving. It starts with customers and the ability to create a better future for them [....]. It does not require supernatural powers. [...] And design's time has come."

Designing for growth_Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie


Industrial design has been around for years in a number of industries.


What about UX / UI Design?

If you still have a little trouble differentiating UI from UX, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Source: Anthedesign


UX/UI is an integral part of the customer experience with a product. It has always been there. But in recent years it has taken on a very special role in the design and end use of a product.


The beverage industry has always been at the forefront of design in terms of packaging and product presentation to appeal to customers and always at the forefront of technology to ensure competitiveness for companies.

Self-service solutions, multi-drink solutions for the bar, connected solutions. UX/UI design is becoming increasingly important in the design of machines and dedicated applications.


Victoria Kulaeva, UX/UI Designer at Drinkotec, talks about her daily life, her challenges, her passion:

For me, good user experience and interface (UX/UI) is a privilege of modernity, which is based on an understanding of the value of time and quality of service.

What could be more valuable than the time you have? I think you will agree that it’s our most important resource.

That's why the designers and every member of our DRINKOTEC team are user-centered and work with pleasure to ensure that our customers save time serving drinks (with the Manhattan, Vision PX and The Wall), have more efficient management of drinks, devices and inventory (with the LOOP beverage productivity platform) and more.

We use a design process in which we empathize with our customers, identify the problems they face on a daily basis, and then working in unity, our team of professionals finds the most effective solutions to those problems. We then prototype and test those solutions.

And as a result it's very precious to see our customers get more value, less waste and more efficiently.


At Drinkotec, we are client oriented all over the design process.

How to manage self-service for customers, how to help the daily work of servers? How do you THINK your product so that it is simple, efficient and beautiful?

That's a big part of our challenge and we're excited to work on it with passion.

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