The very first coffee pod... without a pod!

October, 5 2022

63 billion individual coffee pods are manufactured each year in the world.

These pods represent 100,000 tons of waste per year.

Unfortunately, according to The Guardian, 75% of these pods are thrown away in the trash and, therefore, are not recycled.

Advances have been made in the field of coffee, corn, wheat, bamboo and wood pods. .... Some are even 65% renewable. But none are compostable...

... Or, should I say, WAS because innovation never stops.

In Switzerland, it took 5 years of research to develop the first FULLY COMPOSTABLE coffee pod.


0% aluminum. 0% plastic. 100% compostable.


How does it work?

Engineers have succeeded in compressing roasted and ground coffee into a ball and then coating it with a plant-based, neutral-tasting protective shell.

One of the key components is alginate, which is obtained from algae.


What about the coffee machine?

This innovation goes hand in hand with the creation of a coffee machine with "innovative patented percolation technology".

It's made largely from recycled materials, and "its modular construction allows for the replacement of certain technical components".

And the packaging of the pods?

Once the pods are created, they must be packaged for sale.

The packaging is all recyclable.


Sustainability, fair trade and recyclability are the promises kept by Coffee B.

Image from the website:


Let's give them the final word:

"Our goal is to free the world from capsule waste"

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