Wine on Tap: An Ecological and Economical Alternative to Bottles

May, 4 2023
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Let's talk about wine on tap. Yes, there are other ways of storing and serving wine (sparkling or not). And contrary to what one may think, it is not necessarily a heresy.

No, we are not talking about a vintage wine, no, we are not talking about losing everything that involves opening a bottle and enjoying every moment of it.

Let's talk about the other wines, the wines we drink after we buy them, the wines we serve in restaurants by the glass.

Why not consider wine on tap?


Why is this not a heresy?


For the Changins College of Oenology quoted in 24 heures, it is more a matter of studying a "sustainable alternative, in order to reduce the dependence of wineries on the glass market." [1]

Wines in special barrels such as those used by Bibarium, which can be used to be drawn under pressure, ensure that the wine can be kept for 6 months, thanks to its packaging in Bag-in-Box, whereas an opened bottle lasts only 2 days.

Quoted in the Geneva Tribune, Marc Sarazzin, oenologist and Director of Bibarium, explains:

"Ecologically, doing without glass bottles is a huge gain. Just as in terms of storage, handling, waste, price, serving temperature..." [2]


Indeed, the production and use of glass bottles for wine have a significant environmental impact.

In addition to the fact that the manufacture of these bottles requires a large amount of energy and raw materials, the transportation of glass bottles, due to their weight, also contributes to the increase of emissions of greenhouse gases.

Kegs are also easily recyclable.

Frequent breakage can also be a major cause of loss and therefore waste.

Handling and storage of kegs, supply logistics... the whole chain is lightened and therefore facilitated.

Finally, the large capacity of wine kegs can translate into more affordable prices for the consumer.


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